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Roe Deer – are very common in lowland woodlands and farmland; frequently seen from the RSPB hide at Loch Gruinart or on the woodland walk.
Red Deer are widespread on the hill and moorland areas. During the summer and autumn they tend to keep to the hills more, but the back road from Bridgend to Ballygrant (via Mulindry) and the road from Ardbeg to Claggain Bay are good routes to look for them.
The best spots are on the sand banks at the north end of Loch Gruinart and Ardnave Point for grey seals;

Portnahaven harbour for both grey and common seals;

‘Seal Bay’ just east of Ardbeg is good for viewing common seals.
In general there is an otter territory about every few miles around the coast. However viewing otters on Islay is by no means easy as there are few quiet roads alongside a rocky coastline where a car can be used as a hide.

Look for signs of spraint (droppings) or footprints in sand to indicate their presence and find a spot to sit and watch. Such tactics are not very practical with young children, so check the map for key hot spots to improve your efforts.

If you intend a visit to Jura, the Sound of Islay is a good spot for otters, particularly along the shore near the Feolin ferry terminal, so keep a look out from the car.
Red Deer
Roe Deer
Fallow Deer
Found in good numbers in the woodland areas east of Port Ellen only.
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