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Children's Creative Competition
Children's Creative Competition
My Favourite Islay/Jura Wildlife Experience
We want to know what was your best moment watching wildlife on Islay or Jura?
Green Bug Productions run by Fiona MacGillivray is always keen to help children have fun discovering and learning to enjoy the wildlife around them in a fun way. So this summer we wanted to find out what was the best time children had watching wildlife on Islay and Jura and to tell us about a wildlife event/experience that made them so happy or filled them with a real sense of wonder for the natural world.

We asked them to capture and share that image with us as a picture, a poem or a small story (about 200 words maximum).

They didn’t have to be a great artist, poet or story writer, but if the event really sparked a feeling of wonder, this would come across in their creativity. The moment did not have to be new or over this summer, a distinct memory of a time in the past that has stayed with them was just as relevant.
The competition was open to all ages 0-12 years.

We wanted to encourage participation from both local and visiting children alike. It didn't need to have been something rare or elusive; the small things can be just as fascinating; sitting quietly watching a spider spinning a web; watching a bumblebee visiting flowers; or a bird feeding its young on a lawn. If it inspired them or made them go ‘Wow, that’s cool!’ They told us about it.
All the children's images feature on the web site and are available to view at the Ionad Chalium Chille Ile (Bowmore Gaelic college) until 30th October 2010.

We picked our top 6 from all ages who each received an A3 personalised wildlife discovery mat with their choice of wildlife images from Fiona’s extensive range of watercolour images.

Our overall favourite also received a wildlife discovery pack of their choice.

The competition closed on Saturday 25th September.
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