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Children's Creative Competition
Children's Creative Competition
My Favourite Islay/Jura Wildlife Experience
2010 Creative
Copyright (c) 2010. Green Bug Productions, Woodside Cottage, Gruinart, Isle of Islay PA44 7PP
The competition has now drawn to a close. We had 53 entries in total.
Here are the results:

Top prize:
Emma McHarrie

Runners up:
Angus Ivory
Daniel Ewing
Ruari Reynier
Ross Thompson
Laura May Poffenroth
The Adder - by Daniel E. (age 10 3/4) Edinburgh
The day we saw the adder we were walking down one of the paps in Jura. We were all quite tired so seeing the adder was fantastic.It cheered everybody up loads! The funny thing is that after we had seen the adder everybody was looking out for one again! So now for the story…..we were walking down a pap crossing this huge puddle and I was talking a short cut. I was about to step on this rock when I saw this orangey brown thing (I thought it was a stick).I stopped to see what it was when suddenly it moved I suddenly realized it was a snake but I didn’t know what type so I asked my dad (who was above it) to see if it had any diamonds on its back and it did so it was a female adder. We watched it for ages taking pictures and one film (they weren’t very good though). After a while we decided to give it some peace and that is our encounter of me and an Adder-one that almost seriously hurt me!
Emma McHarrie (P6)
Laura May 
Poffenroth (P6)
Ruari Reynier (P6)
The winning pictures, poems and stories:
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